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OUT-OF-THE-BOX KEYNOTE: Patient Engagement Through Gamification:

Speaker: Gabe Zichermann, Gamification Expert

With the challenge of patient engagement often a major concern for pharma marketers, discover how gamification can be a potential solution. Take a look at the science behind gamification, with examples both from pharma and other industries, as to how you can creatively engage your clients while still being mindful of regulation.

  • Success stories from various industries
  • How gamification can lead to improved adherence and loyalty

PANEL DISCUSSION: Video Killed More Than The Radio Star: How To Make It Work For You

Moderator: Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing, Avella
Panelists: Rich Shaner, Marketing Director, Nestle Skin Health

TV and video advertising have been ultimate disruptors since their inception and show no signs of slowing down. As the world becomes continually more digitized, YouTube has emerged as the 2nd largest search engine in the world, dealing purely in the visual medium. With so much activity in this space, our panel will discuss how you can help your content stand out from the rest and get your brand noticed.

  • Will new YouTube restrictions impact your content?
  • Producing video for different formats (in office, TV, online)
  • How to get your videos seen – and help them go viral

INNOVATOR CASE STUDY: Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?: Personalization To Drive Customer Engagement

Speaker: Jim Lefevere, Head of Global Digital Marketing, Roche Diagnostics

When entering a conversation with your customers, it’s important to show you know enough about them to understand them, without giving away just how much you know. By personalizing your outreach and materials, you have the unique ability as a marketer to balance both art and science to create an emotional bond. Beyond names and companies, hear new ways can you use personalization to empathize with your clients to demonstrate that you know and understand their preferences

  • Varying engagement for HCPs and patients
  • Developing a universal patient language
  • What outreach to personalize – and what to leave broad
  • The role of AI in personalization

INNOVATOR CASE STUDY: Looking Past The Pill: Building Out Your Corporate Brand

Speaker: Danielle Halstrom, Vice President and Head, R&D and Commercial Communications, Bristol-Myers Squibb

In pharma, we often get caught up in promoting our individual brand and don’t put enough emphasis on the corporate image as a whole. What works well to endorse one product may not work the same as another, but there is tremendous value in having streamlined and recognizable branding and advertising across the company. Learn some tips for working together with your counterparts in order to create synergies and the best overall appearance.

  • Promotion at the brand level vs. product level
  • The role your agencies can play
  • Advocacy at the brand level

INNOVATOR CASE STUDY: The Patient Will See You Now: Adapting To The Shift In How Patients And Professionals Consume Digital Content

Speaker: Bryan Cohen, Innovation Fellow & North America Digital Platform Lead, Pfizer

To market effectively, companies must view the journey through the consumer’s experience. Yet that experience changes, daily, thanks to interconnectivity and the smartphone. The amount of product channels is dizzying - websites, mobile apps, social media, video, blogs, and more. Users move from channel to channel, and device to device, expecting seamless data. In a world of new competition and technological advances, pharma must evolve, or risk becoming irrelevant in a consumer’s eyes. Can you become the trusted source of knowledge? In this session, you will discover:

  • Understand the communications technology revolution we live in, and grasp the impact on the medical world
  • Know what type of relationship your users expect
  • “Tell an experience” by incorporating everything from websites, mobile apps, social media, YouTube, and more into an experience
  • Align your content acquisition and creation to the needs of the channel
  • Pioneer an omni-channel marketing approach for greater reach, cater for medical professionals by being present on the channels they’re most likely to engage
  • Real life examples of campaigns using the latest tools and channels, combined with creativity and care

Featured 2019 Speakers

Danielle Halstrom

Vice President and Head, R&D and Commercial Communications
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Todd Speranzo

Vice President of Marketing

Jim Lefevere

Head of Global Digital Marketing
Roche Diagnostics

Kacey Moore

Director of Consumer Marketing

“Nice to be a part of a smaller meeting like DigiPharma Connect– I actually got to know people and have meaningful conversations."

Jennifer Beecham
Head of Social Media & Digital Strategy
Reata Pharmaceuticals

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